Naruto Shippuden Episode 467 Subbed

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  • LatinUnit

    First comment!

  • DMG$reezy

    Looks like minato didn’t invent the rasengan

  • Cooper Allsopp

    so indra had sasuke’s mangekyou sharingan

  • Drake

    Ok so here is what I don’t get. Sasuke and Indra have an Identical normal mangekyou sharingan. But if I recall Madara is also a reincarnation of Indra. Which would raise the question. Why doesn’t his look the same as well? Assuming that the fact that Sasuke and Indra share the same normal mangekyou because of their reincarnation…

    Any idea’s?

  • Ang3l

    Does this mean Sage Of Six Path aka Hagoromo will die the next episode?I dont know about you guys but in the ending he said he entrust all his power to the successor which is most probably Ashura and that being said Indra seems pissed and may kill his own father who is most probably powerless?