Naruto Shippuden Episode 474 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 474 : “Title”


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  • Pertamax, sebentar lagi 🙂

  • californiasenpai


  • Louis

    This was amazing. I will miss this anime :’). Minato got me crying

    • Bleach Is free

      It’s not over

  • Sahil Bansal

    naruto….. that my last words My fav anime…..

  • mani khan

    Waoo, that was extremely cool, and i just love Madara Uchiha :'((

  • xFallenKyuseishu

    Happy Birthday Naruto! the journey has been a great experience with you :’) Now go get Sasuke back.

  • naheel

    Aw I wish they somehow released this episode on October 10th. That would be pretty cool lol

  • NaruHina

    Its not over yet

  • gvlden.aura

    i cant be the only person that cried when naruto vented heavy to his dad man. it kind reminded me of hunter x hunter when gon first saw his dad, but this was more deep.

    • Itachi

      When they met in Hunter x Hunter, that was so cringe.

  • Itachi

    Sadness and sorrow played again after ages!

    When Naruto waffles on and on to is father about how he got on with his life is soo emotional.

    Next week the episode is going to be amazing, cant wait.

  • jasburger

    literally crying after the part where naruto explained everything to his dad omfg

    and the song sadness and sorrow played after years of absence
    so emotional

  • Donatas Rackauskas

    Wait so kakashi doesnt have sharingan at all now? ?

    • Madara Uchiha

      yep he got the sharingan from obitos life chakra that clung to him when it left his sharingan also left

      • Jahbo Hughes

        Hey Madara i thought you were dead??

    • Keiki-Alexandra

      looks like someone doesn’t read the manga

  • TJ

    sasuke always an emo bitch, fuck him

  • Nagesh Nagi

    naruto dialogues make me kry.

  • Evelyn Malo

    I read the Manga and cried? i can’t believe it’s almost over wow since 1997 I tip my hat to you Kishmoto

  • Justin Johnson

    Well Naruto’s final words to his dad just made me cry like a little bitch

  • Hashirama senju

    What’s the name of that song that plays when Hashirama and Madara are saying they’re last farewell?

  • orochi

    this anmi aint that good finesh this shit allready r they trying to reach 500 episode

  • Nathan David

    I’m crying :””””'(

  • Nathan David

    If Naruto series will end I hope they will make Boruto series

    • Megumi

      looking forward into boruto series too. h0ping…

    • Zain Hasib

      naah!! I wouldn’t want that, cuz i want Naruto to be an unparalleled legend forever!!…Not that Boruto should surpass him( Just my opinion)

  • XxkillerroxxX

    Yeah I cried too when he was talking to his dad. So touching

  • Narutoffan

    OMFG Naruto last words got me cry like those birches down here

  • Madara Uchiha

    i cried when madara died and when naruto talked to his dad for the last time


    OMG when they started playing that old ass theme on piano I just cried…..and that part when he talk to his dad just let my tears flow man…..Boruto better have a legacy to remember…..

  • Skanda Shreekar

    the sage of six paths is asking some answer wats tat abt?can anyone tell??

    • G’z Way

      when he gave naruto and sasuke the sun&moon power to seal kaguya. He asked them both a question “what you want to do after you seal her” ( as i remember) so naruto was i want to become a hokage and his typical stuff… yet sasuke answer was ,,, well i can’t spoil it
      next episode will reveal everythinh

  • Paul Hansen

    17:55 he says thank you in English?

    • Megumi

      he always says thank you in english

    • Sank you

  • Mauri Elokoski

    Nice finish for many years watching Naruto, arigato.

  • Ricardo Aguilar

    3 more damn daaaayyyysss

  • Briguy97

    Why doesn’t anyone hug each other. When Naruto was saying bye to his dad I was like, “Hug your dad man!” The best hug in this anime series is when Naruto got to hug his mom Kushina when taming Kurama. Someone agree with me that more hugs are in order!

    • David Nava

      I agree. I was like why didn’t Naruto hug his dad?

  • Chloride2

    Lots of tears in this episode so I am just saying Arigato Naruto Shippuden. Best anime of all time I love any second that I spend watching you. I eat,breath live Naruto.

  • Kyllaaala

    omfg literally started crying when Naruto started explaining to his dad.

  • OtakuLife

    This is just too damn sad :'( right in the feels….

  • Jesus Nicolas

    Damn I’m kinda sad to see Kakashi of the sharingan gone

  • Jahbo Hughes

    Girls always want the assholes…

  • NarutoKaBaap

    she didn’t even get to fire that big ass truth seeker .

  • Nick Coleman

    Damn the end of that episode making me cry like a bitch. IDK what it was but it hit me hard.

  • Robiul Hasan

    Did anyone else cried when naruto was saying goodbye ????

  • hass hussein

    why doesn’t kakashi take madaras eye.?

    • he have Obito’s eyes, the real question is why don’t naruto take he’s eyes or someone for fuck sake just take themmmm, its fcking free sharingan just think how naruto would be with sharingan and 9 tail beast goddddddddddddddd

  • mimi

    ahhh naruto!! my precious little baby!!