Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 : “Title”


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  • Mubashara Mubasher


  • Mihajlo Jankovic

    second xD

  • XD


  • Mubashara Mubasher

    wasn’t this the last episode

    • Mihajlo Jankovic

      I think there will be more episodes.

    • deczmarek2

      How the hell it could be the last episode? -_- Think.

    • Nota Gunduan Husein

      Naruto Shippuden Episode 475 “Valley Of The End”, Is this the last
      episode of Naruto Shippuden? it sad to hear that the beginning of the
      End of Naruto Shippuden is airing September 8th, 2016…

      Naruto Shippuden this early could give them some time to get ready for
      the Boruto anime to be released, though supposedly episode 474 is the
      beginning of the end for our beloved Naruto anime.

    • Mma Cartoonz

      there are 2 more episodes,.. one is the final battle i think

  • Demagogue

    Kick Sasuke’s ass, Naruto 🙂 Love conquers all sin.

    • Xfing

      gay and emo

  • Lkhara

    a man need more episodes

    • Lboul

      Yawedi ha rouh ya kharay

      • Lezly L Brown

        HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH thumbs up for u bcz ur comment was unexpected XDD

  • Dillon McGee

    is this crap not working for anyone? says video not supported

    • Tobias Josefsen

      Seems like it

  • Chloride2

    Sorry but Sakura I am gay ! ! !

    • Doğa Genç

      Being Single forever is better than being Sakura and Karin.

      • Chloride2

        Lol , he had a lot of laddies around like Ino for example and he did not give a shit about them cause he is idiot and its just a joke !

      • Mariaelena Kibbe

        Karin is a total nasty slut that Sasuke never even gave her the time of day. And regardless of what you say, Sasuke has always had feelings for Sakura. He’s been through alot shit and you can’t expect him to be thinking about love when he’s hell bent on revenge because all he ever knew were lies about his brother. Sasuke could have had any woman he wanted, but he chose Sakura because he’s always cared for her. And there’s more than enough proof of that. I don’t care what you say.

        • Dashen Govender

          True, he also wanted to knock her out early so that she wouldn’t get caught up and die in the fight between him and Naruto, thus proving that he really does care for Sakura.

          • Dashen Govender

            As hardcore and loving as Sasuke usually is.

    • Soniya Bisht


      • Chloride2

        haahahah 😀

    • rlise00

      hahahahahaha you’re the best really

      • Chloride2


    • Mariaelena Kibbe

      You’re a stupid dumb ass! Sasuke is not gay! Have you never heard of guys being best friends and caring for each other as bothers?!

      • Chloride2

        Bro its just a joke ! ! ! I know he is not gay.

  • Shadow

    Pfff, such a predictable ending and very boring, I would have really loved to see Naruto dead…

  • Noah Wags

    Next episode is in 3 weeks

    • Cherry Blossom

      It says 6 days. There’s a countdown.

  • jasburger

    naruto for the win

  • Thanh Nguyen

    please tell me that there is beautiful colors next episode.

  • Christopher Khyle Hakim

    476 The Final Battle

  • Mma Cartoonz

    That Mangyeko Rinnegan on fire… sasuke mad trippn tho

  • Michelle

    What did sasuke’s flashback have anything to do with what kakashi was talking about? I don’t even really understand sasuke’s response after it. Could someone explain?

    • Cherry Blossom

      That flash back represents love and family. Something Sakura is able to give him, because it’s pure love and happiness.

      • NarutoKaBaap


  • Cherry Blossom

    It literally breaks my heart every time he does that to her. Jeeze you need a good loyal pussy. Just how does he think he’ll repopulate his clan without someone who is so down for you and literally fights for you. I’m tired of seeing Sakura the only character not satisfied or happy.

  • P.M.W.

    Oh god here it comes… THE FILLERS

    • Jalil Compaoré

      When naruto will be over, you will actually miss those fillers. So enjoy!

  • Kayla Tone

    Can’t wait to see the final showdown between Naruto and Sasuke. ps. Naruto beat his ass for doing that to Sakura and taking the tailed beasts

  • Shamane Freeman

    I played the game and what happened to them was bull

  • Shamane Freeman

    I didn’t even knew what was the point of that power

  • Pujan Mhj

    if naruto shippuden will end then will the season 3 will come or not

  • Pata

    And again Sasuke pulls some shit, wow surprise!

  • Green

    So dumb how the manga ended two years ago and the anime has still yet to end. I hoped the don’t screw up the fighting in this ending since that is pretty much the only thing interesting in the final fight.

  • NarutoKaBaap

    Will naruto get a big ass truth seeker?

  • NarutoKaBaap

    All hail the gay hitler.

  • Robert Farquhar

    Well we all know Naruto is gonna win. Honesty I just wish Naruto would destroy Sasuke

    • Panther Lily

      It’s actually a tie, they both lose one of their arms, fuck spoiler alerts.

      • Hector Dario Gonzalez Aguirre

        The only reason it was a tie was because Naruto wasn’t fighting with intent to kill! If Naruto had actually wanted to kill Sasuke he would of annihilated him! I mean Naruto had already been fighting way longer than Sasuke during the Great Ninja War and Sasuke fought at the end of the war he was practically fresh. If Naruto had been fresh and willing to kill it definitely would not have been a tie straight up!

        • Hector Dario Gonzalez Aguirre

          *cough* fnaboy *cough*

          • Cancer Genocide

            Sasuke had the power of 8.5 tailed beasts yet he only could equal naruto at full power

        • Miller Tran

          man,you have to understand the concept of genius and idiot. Sasuke is a born genius at fighting, while naruto has to work his ass off to get to where he is,not to mention receiving help from tailed beasts. if putting the 2 of them working their skill without help, Naruto will help to train twice,maybe three times more than sasuke.

          • Hector Dario Gonzalez Aguirre

            You obviously don’t understand the underlying theme of the Naruto series and the meaning of true power lol Yeah Sasuke is a genius and lerans fast but Naruto makes up for that with his huge chakra and stamina, that’s how he was able to catch up to Sasuke and he surpassed Sasuke cuz of Naruto’s unique ability of making friends which Sasuke obviously doesn’t have. Naruto working together and Kurama is how he beat Sasuke. Sure some people say it was a tie but it wasn’t about physically beating him it was about showing Sasuke that he was on the wrong path. People working together will always be stronger than someone working alone even if he is a genius tho Sasuke acted like an idiot not realizing this until the end lol

        • Dashen Govender

          But, some of you guys are forgetting, Sasuke ACTUALLY held back, just like Naruto!!! He could have used the entire tailed beasts including many other factors not belonging to him. BUT because of his pride, he fought Naruto straight on with his powers only. ie: Technically if he did use the tailed beasts, it would have been his power because he did use his rinnegan to make their powers his own, which counts if he did use them, but he didn’t.

          • Hector Dario Gonzalez Aguirre

            Lol that is a big assuption. I seriosly doupt Sasuke held back especially since he himself says that Indra’s Arrow is his most power attack in their Avatar vs Powerup Susano scene. Grant you he could of used the bijus in a diferrent way and used other abilities but that was just him making tactical dicisions during battle just like Naruto was. There is no solid proof that Sasuke held back where in fact we know Naruto was holding back since he didn’t want to kill Sasuke. He never fought with intent to kill. And what everyone seems to forget is that Naruto was not alone he had Kurama working together with him. Naruto’s true power comes from the fact that he doesn’t fight alone, he collaborates with his friends which is what makes him the most powerful. That’s the main theme of Naruto. “True power” comes from collaboration not from stealing powers and working alone. That is why Sasuke admitted defeat and lost.

          • Dashen Govender

            Yeah, that about makes sense and is right.

          • Dashen Govender

            I still believe though that we yet to see Sasuke’s true powers, and in saying that, Naruto’s as well.

      • Dashen Govender


  • Doğa Genç

    WTF is Kakashi saying all she wants is to make Sasuke hers.One of the most annoying selfish girl in the anime history yet she somehow wins…

  • VASH 0K

    So Naruto becomes a respected international “peace-keeper”, Sasuke continues to be an edgy emo and Sakura becomes a abused house-wife wannabe (and the worst female caracter ever)

    • Hector Dario Gonzalez Aguirre


  • SasukeOumar7

    LESS THAN 10 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SasukeOumar7

      4 minutes only!!

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    We all know Naruto will destroy Sasuke, But I still have hope for Sasuke

    • Panther Lily

      It’s a tie

  • Andreea Iacob

    incoming 20 filler episodes xD

    this is gunna last 2 more years at this rate xD

  • s1defx

    Why cant the video load :C

  • Andrew Hayes

    Is this the end of Naruto now is this what it comes down to or will they carry it on itll be a shame to see it end after all these years

  • rlise00

    guy’s don’t you think naruto is the bessst love you naruto now is 4 years since i start watching it

  • Curt


  • GGnoRe

    and again Sasuke is a faggot who whines like a bitch and tried to do a Madara, fucking most retarded character ever known

  • RishabhTegra

    I just hate Saskue,
    Who agrees!

  • Oliver

    why does sasuke always pull shit out of his ass!

  • Wiwin Sang Delegasi Gifted

    Thans 4 Orocimaru