Naruto Shippuden Episode 477 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 477 : “The Final Battle – Part 2” Naruto Vs Sasuke


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    Can someone please give me the download link to this episode?

  • That was amazing.

  • Chloride2
    • Flarrow26

      sasuke’s the real blockhead…not naruto?

      • Chloride2

        Sasuke its just a fucking scum or even worst then scum .In the ninja world those who break the rules are regarded as scum but those who abandon there friends are worst then scum + he is gay too.

        • D S

          Lol coming from a dude that just quoted narutos lines lol that’s funny. Don’t take it personally dude, it’s just an anime.

          • Chloride2

            Bro I am just saying the truth and this has nothing to do with Naruto being an anime…

          • Xfing

            Not really. Some people really prefer to be alone, Naruto is intruding on Sasuke’s choice, he’s self-righteous. Also, Sasuke isn’t obligated to give a shit about how much Naruto cares about him, no one is. Took a lot to make him accept it after all

          • Flarrow26

            But he did accept, didnt he? That was because that idiot wasn’t all clear in his head, he is the one who misinterpreted itachi’s way of life and goals

          • izzyisozaki

            Lol Sasuke is an opportunist. He will betray, kill, and kidnap for his own gain. What he “wants” is irrelevant.

          • Super Crawley


        • Flarrow26

          Ikr… sasuke’s a total dick, cant he see how hard naruto is trying to save him?

        • Maurice Paulk

          Hell ya!! why can’t they both b hokage And fck bitches foreva sasuke use to b my Niqqa but he doin da fckn most !

        • Jiute Tupua

          Naruto becomes the Hokage and marries Hinata. Sasuke marries Sakura.

    • Green

      Shia Labeouf

  • Flarrow26


  • Sivuyisiwe Tequan Mtshaka

    my two two weeks of waiting finally paid off. this is outta this world

  • WP8Fan

    This was beyond amazing.

  • DBLeon


  • DBLeon


  • T

    naruto and Kurama 😮 Feels >.<

  • Preston Pebs

    pretty amazing buttttt ive noticed that there are no greater trolls than the naruto writing staff. i applaud their ability to end episodes in the best spots ever

  • Ninten

    Best fight in anime history. Loved this anime since day 1 of the original Naruto anime

    • D S

      if you’ve seen bleach you wouldn’t say that. It’s the best fight of this series period and is still a great anime but has nothing on the fights on bleach.

      • Sean Sjahrial

        too bad bleach has a terrible story

      • Ninten

        I’ve seen it but I never got to finishing it

  • Indra

    why didnt naruto used one of his clones to collect sage power which he can use later cause sage mode doesnt really need tailed beast chakra just nature energy

    • luis

      because hes not a cheater like sasuke lol

    • nicklowdyy

      you gotta remember bro he was just in a war. do you know how much chakra he used plus how much chakra he gave to all the other shinobi fighting hes winded

    • Ben Schw

      He did? With the kurama clone on the ground. Its kind of senning mode or more nature chakra. He combines it with his rikodou senning mode

  • Chance Joyner

    This episode was pretty fucking dope

  • DanSenju

    they really saved the best for last amazing episodes!

  • anonofmass

    I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Dillon McGee

    crazy ass fight

  • meepmerp


    • Quetzalcoatl

      kurama best character

    • Green

      He is fine.

  • lol lol


  • Green

    Wow the anime really commemorated the ass out of the past.

  • Kishitmoto monkey

    WHat a boring fight,pure trash same like kishimoto face,the fight is always end with rasengan and chidori crap,and suckura hand is not needed because she only make naruto rasengan weaker.. boring ass fight same old..kishimoto sasugay cocksucker,why don’t you make naruto win this fight?make naruto kill sasugay

    • Oscar

      damn u mad bro ? lol

    • Xfing

      A draw is more sensible considering the powers of the guys. Also, even though this was a double KO, Sasuke gave the win to Naruto because he succeeded in changing his mind.

      • lol

        bro why the fuck did you spoil
        stupid cunt

        • Mikikoto

          Bruh the manga ended years ago. Not his fault ya’ll didn’t read OR played Ninja Storm 4 OR went online.

          • Mannik

            Like, a year ago, but yes.

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        You mean Sasuke lost the fight to naruto and changed his mind, due to losing to a naruto who did not use the full extent of his powers to destroy him.

        • Xfing

          That’s an assumption. Naruto got knocked out just like Sasuke did. Stop rationalizing and accept the obvious fact that it was a double KO.

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            It wasn’t Sasuke clearly won that fight people are just retarded and trying to act pompous when the reality was Sasuke fell and plundered into sleep first If I remember correctly. It is clear that Naruto was the victor fanboying aside.

  • iNomNomAwesome

    Been waiting a long time for this fight, as they mercilessly beat the shit out of each other. Sasuke does it out of hate, but Naruto does it out of desperation to save his friend. He doesn’t want to do it, just like their first fight at the Final Valley. And hear they go so fucking far, that the next episode…..

    Also, how amazing was Naruto’s Rasengan that used the spirits of all his friends and mentors? Father-Son Kamehameha, anyone?

  • jep

    the best anime ever!!!.. which captures the heart of audience from the beginning up to end…

  • ShisuiUchiha9

    Amazing episode …….loved the fight …………and the sentiment that goes with it.

  • Alexander Gequillana


  • why

    Friggin draggin this sheeeeeeeeeeeet outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Super Crawley

    What a sloppy fight at the end. But still good.

  • Prince

    Wait, did Sasuke essentially make a more concentrated Juubi!?