Naruto Shippuden Episode 478 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 478 : “Title”


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  • hehe


  • hehe

    and im actually quite excited for this episode, even though its mostly flashbacks, but im ready to cry and go on an emotional flashback trip w00t

  • Rahul kumar

    i want naruto to destroy sasuke completely, and show him that that naruto is the real deal.:)

    • Travis

      You don’t get Naruto then.

      • Rahul kumar

        You don’t get Naruto then

        • Dillon Able

          You all need to cut it out, sagemodefox Naruto was about fighting for what you believe in and don’t stop regardless of how many people who try to cut you down. So yea you don’t get naruto but just because you don’t know the meaning of the show doesn’t mean everyone should get all butt hurt and jump on the bandwagon to shit talk you.

          • Sagemodefox

            Hey dude Dillon Able, with due respect i understand naruto i just said what i felt at the moment, and you don’t have to worry about and get serious, just be cool iam just giving my view on the show,. And at last i think u better enjoy the naruto, and don’t try be a teacher.

          • Sagemodefox

            Don’t be a teacher just enjoy the show.

    • Nandatebayo

      Why did you watch the series you chut fuck

      • Rahul kumar

        I like Naruto thats why i like it, but why did you watch series you chut fuck ahole.

    • Theo_Nitrox


    • *Trafalgar D. Water Law*

      Watch it, Naruto might come for you if he hears you saying that lol

  • Kaushik

    still 32 min

  • Gerson Cabral
  • Sup?

    the gamma / brightness on this site is terrible, how can annyone watch this?

  • Sup?

    okay so much for waiting for this ep, just skipped thro the entire thing 1 min at a time, took me 30 seconds to watch, (watched like 2 minutes to begin with) and its all just fillers / boring / flashbacks / nothing new / nothing special / nothing bobody wants to watch.
    naruto just finished?

    • hehe

      Dude, the same thing happened here that happened in the game, like Sasuke and Naruto talking after their arms blew off.
      What more do you want?
      But i gotta admit though, next episode looks kinda shit…

  • Emotional Overflow

    If you look back to the first couple of episodes of the whole series, who would have imagined that sasuke and naruto would both lose their arms to each other in a final battle. Pretty emotional seeing them lie there after all they have been through.

    • hehe


  • Zawszzzeee


    • Travis

      This is one of few times in this series where flashbacks weren’t filler. This was Sasuke coming to peace with his demons and making up with Naruto. I don’t know what you’re on about this episode needed to happen.

  • Hyuuga

    man, where the hell Shippuden 478…

  • Hyuuga

    Fucking hate wasting time waiting without no further notify..

  • bradders1234567

    did they honestly do one full episodes of fucking flashbacks? i guess end it all with one more tribute to your entire series where in 90% of the content is flashbacks. Wasn’t there meant to be a freaking epilogue ?? or are they not bothering at all with that? I honestly thought after watching the last episode last week that the one i was waiting for would be the epilogue. not 20 minutes of nothing.
    this entire last year and half has been 1 massive long slow fart, this episode was the tiny bit of poo that came after the arsehole was stretched too thin for too long.
    If the analogy offended you, it feels exactly right for the series.

    • Skater_obsession

      But this episode was just like the manga chapter when it came out back in 2014 xD like this episode was basically each page of the chapter with voice actors, movement, and color added to it no joke xDxD…what im saying is…if you are that upset about this episode…then blame Kishimoto for it..hes the one that intended this episode to happen when he created the manga chapter and was happy with what he had created xDxD I personally like this moment in the series it was a twist to the entire Naruto and Sasuke feel xDxD

  • Gia

    Great episode!.one of the best……….. btw..this is the same as original if you didn´t like it then its fault of Kishimoto

  • deeto z

    all of you shut the fuck up.
    This episode was fucking beautiful.
    Purely how kishimoto wanted it.
    Fucking appreciate this beautiful piece and the next to come and stop fucking whining you ungrateful bastards.

    • Daniel DeGryse

      I agree it shows how sasuke viewed narutos flashbacks. Personally I enjoyed it a lot and thought it was a great end to their fight. Can’t wait for 479 and 480.

      • jshep23

        479 is filler unfortunately

        • Gab Mailhot

          No, it is the 480 the filler

        • It probably should have ended right there. I would have been satisfied with that. Of course we do have to see the Infinite Tsukiyomi released, and they probably want to transition Shippuden into Boruto, even though some of us have already read or seen Boruto.

          • Dillon Able

            We’ve only read a story on sasuke and sakura’s daughter and we’ve seen a brief movie doesn’t mean we know how the entire boruto series is gonna pan out.

    • Lamar Smith

      I agree and i hate flashbacks but this was needed it shows they are really friends now

  • Chloride2

    Sasuke is finally back but it had to take one arm to finally understand what is a true friend and what happens when you are jealous cause one person is way better then you. Great episode but I wish the the company that produced Naruto Shippuden lose one arm too cause of to many fillers , background story that ruined this show !

    • DBLeon



      Naruto and Sasuke:”Let’s bring our mothers back now” . Elric Brothers: NOOOOOOO!!!!

      • dankage

        im dyinggg loooool

    • disqus_hWPkJra71p

      those back stories are very necessary and add way more plot twists. what wasnt necessary were those annoying ass dreams everyone had…

      • twirk

        i dont like fillers in between the fights while its good it makes a lot of fighting scenes shorter

        • disqus_hWPkJra71p

          Yes I completely agree and very true

    • Xfing

      “Way better” is kinda subjective here dude, the battle ended in a double KO basically.

  • Anton Pedersen Odsgaard


  • Reshav Dey

    i hope both of them get their hands back

    • jshep23

      Only Naruto does

      • dayshun

        why sasuke didnt get his arm back

        • Andry Rbj

          naruto is compatible with first hokage cells, not sasuke

  • Andreea Roxana Macarie

    So, it was a tie or naruto won?

    • Daniel DeGryse

      Naruto technically won but he explained that, that wasn’t the point of the battle.

      • twirk

        either way sasuke gave up and said he lost

    • Edd

      “It was never about winning or losing!” – Naruto Uzumaki, October 2016.

  • DBLeon

    Man………. The Naruto series is over…………………………….

  • Itachi

    if u dont like the show, dont watch it, simple as that. on the other side, i think this was gr8 episode all the way… And finaly that idiot that Sasuke is realised what is friendship. love the show, and this episode aswell.

  • Ali

    Abi sugoi bee

  • Ali

    Dayanamayıp izledim 😀

  • muhammad

    i dont want sasuke, to die does he?

    • Theo_Nitrox

      They wont die.

  • bommbata

    it was a good episode.. hope the next is not a God damn filler !

  • Senpai_Roy

    i can’t wait for a few more ep’s not bad

  • dan williams


    • blushblush

      asshole they are not gay okey thats just friendship between two boys .. dont make everythin gay just because your gay asshole. cant two boys be bestfriends?

  • anonofmass

    I can’t wait for episode 922 where they finally get back to free the people in the world tree’s pods…. after a whole new story arc in the past…. shit just follow the manga and get on with the story. 479 and 480 are NOT needed for any reason.

    • Theo_Nitrox

      in 479 the jutsu was released

      • lol

        he was kidding

  • xxPetexx

    :'( Naruto is too good its soon ending :”””'((((

  • Moitsu

    I guess you could say sasuke is now naruto’s…right hand man
    I’ll see myself out

  • Khaled Hedayed

    After watching this episode…I am speachless

  • Obz95

    Thank you Naruto and Sasuke ❤

  • Wolfnrun

    They lost there arms!?! woah…that’s just… woah, woah

  • Chloride2
    • JimSk Hansen

      i guess a bunch of fillers that each have their stories

  • AK47

    Why can’t i watch it

  • Tranquility

    ok…… This episodes was the truth of all of Naruto’s episodes that had come together in one. Naruto & Sasuke. haha, it is a master peace. i started watching this from when it came out 12 years ago, it was all i had ever watched. The respect it played and the feelings you feel as i speak for some other viewers out there. the feeling to truly move a person. I have based some of these motives to never give up on your dream through Naruto, i guess it is strange how not reality becomes reality mentally. Fight and you will succeed, even when you want to give up, even when you want to keel over, never give up! there are only a few things in life fighting for eternity, forever, why not let kishimoto and his entire team tell there story through Naruto. Thank you kishimoto and your entire team and EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED WITH MAKING THIS DREAM COME TRUE, because i am sure someone told them they would never do what they have done today.

    • lol

      wow i was watchin it for more than 10 years?! i didnt realize it was that much… i feel old

  • Jan Čapek

    Guys please someone help, i just want to find jap translation for the unisono sign, the one on the end of the episode is blured, i need clear one (must have this on my body). All the years with Naruto…i cant even tell how i love this show. I can say it raised me a bit, i started watching Naruto when i was 16 and now i am 25. All the “accept pain”, “never give up” etc…i can remember hundreds of time i remembered quotes from Naruto when i was facing some problems, some important decisions, i always remembered Naruto and was thinking if the “never give up even if it hurts a lot” is a good choice in that and that situation… Oh the beauty of empathy… I dont even know if i am making sence (sorry for any mistakes, english is not my native laguage), i just wanted to honor this beautiful show. And i want to honor it with a tatto on my back so noone can see it, i just need to have it on my back to seal myself with Naruto and the show´s philosopy forever. I wish all of the Naruto fans the best, the best and only the best coz we are one big family 🙂

  • Oh my god! Sasuke LAUGHED!
    *shocked silence*
    Has he ever laughed before?
    Oh god, I’m pretty sure this is the first time he laughed in the history of ever.
    Write it down in your diaries, you guys. This is a truly historical event.

    • Also, he cried! O_________O

    • blushblush

      ikr 😀

  • blushblush

    umm soo they are not gonna have hands from now on? 🙁 dont hands grow? if they can bring people from the dead cant they grow their hands too? :/

    • DeathsShadow505

      “dont hands grow ?”

  • captaincabbage

    The story should’ve ended here at the valley. Team 7 back together and ending how it started. Not that shipping fodder tumblrworld fucking trainwreck chosen instead