Naruto Shippuden Episode 480 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 480 : “title”


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  • DBLeon

    Personally I will never rewatch Naruto, i’ll watch the Boruto stuff but that’s it, unlike most anime Naruto is not as good as I remember it, I don’t know why.. Does anyone else feel the same way?

    • John Labib

      yes your right

    • No I don’t feel the same way just like a lot of other fans rewatching Naruto or there favorite parts of it.

      • DBLeon

        Ok I just wondered if anyone felt the same 🙁

    • Flo

      I can see myself rewatch some fights in a few years but other than that I’m good. I rarely rewatch entire shows. There is no anime I rewatched no matter how good they were.

      • Monos Hatake

        So you are absolutely 100% sure that you remember everything. And that in the meantime you didn’t change? As a person? I can’t really understand from positive angle why is someone possessed to not watch anything twice (I am not talking just about anime here). I can understand it, just from three points: Laziness, shallowness, or just another rebel without cause. Because, looking something again, gives you priceless opportunity to view things you know from different angle, and to get to know them better. Giving up on that opportunity just because of fear (“loosing time” as commonly said), laziness (in term of questions like “why should I” etc.), or Eminem syndrome (I will piss on anyone to be Cool) is just lame excuse. That’s my advice.

        • Flo

          Laziness? Laziness would be spending even more time in front of my computer screen watching things I already saw instead of doing something else or new. Watching shows are a small part of my life and I’ll like to keep that way. At the end of the day those things are just distraction, they are not that important, at least to me.

  • Antonio

    Naruto is the only and only anime I will watch ever…….

    • DBLeon

      that’s sad…

  • Naruto

    hey guys i really love this anime.
    can some you suggest something similar to this???

  • AD3L1N

    16 hours hype !

  • NarutoFan

    4 hours guys!!! :DDDDD

  • Uchiha Saske

    1 Hour Left i can’t take this anymore

  • 1 hour 23 minutes left ..

  • Uchiha Saske

    1h 12

  • 34 minutes left .hahah

  • NarutoFan

    12 min guys!! :DDD

  • NarutoFan

    8 min <3 😀

  • Tranquility

    awwwww this is it lady’s and gents!!!!

    • NarutoFan


  • Tranquility

    and ofcourse dikes 😉

  • NarutoFan

    6 min!

  • Tranquility

    we all going to have a countdown for this sht??

  • NarutoFan

    5 min!

  • Tranquility

    god my hairs are standing

  • Tranquility

    my body is shaking

  • NarutoFan

    Omg im sooo happy !! :DDD

  • Tranquility

    and yes! my diks hard as fk right now!

    • NarutoFan


      • Tranquility

        banta man

    • NarutoFan

      rly? we dont need to know xD

  • NarutoFan


  • Niki Li

    4 minutes bloody hell

    • NarutoFan


  • Tranquility


  • NarutoFan

    3 min left!

  • NarutoFan


    • Taha Chems Maarif

      Don’t worry they’ll milk this franchise for at least 10 other years

      • Reira

        I think NarutoFan meant that Naruto is gonna last for the rest of their life lol

  • Tranquility


  • Tranquility


  • Tranquility

    i can help you there 😉

  • Tranquility

    1 min!!!!!!!!

  • Tranquility


  • Niki Li

    true fans are here waiting

  • Tranquility


  • NarutoFan

    OMG 1 MIN!

  • Tranquility


  • Tranquility


  • Tranquility


  • Tranquility

    LET DO THISSSSSS!!!!!! 1

  • NarutoFan


  • NarutoFan


  • Niki Li

    bloody ads

    • Numan Ahmad

      try the add block

  • Tranquility



  • Tranquility

    the sht does this mean?????

  • Ayoub Oran

    what the fuck is this episode -_-

  • Tranquility

    FML ok…. so it will go through sasuke and sakura’s young hood then there will be the continuation of the battle

  • Jesse

    What a shit episode. More hinata being pathetic.

  • Robby the NINJA seal

    wow… i waited so long for this…. its 1am and all i get is shit we have seen millions of times

    • blushblush

      i know right :/

  • celyn

    I thought I would be watching a happy ending story of NARUHINA, kinda disappointed but well gonna have so much to look forward on the next episode <3

  • blushblush

    so next time there will be more sakuras pathetic life smh :/

  • Luca Martin

    Guys, does somebody know the name of the song in the trailer for the next episode ? Its so nice!

  • Gin Ichi

    crap episode but love dat new OP/ED

  • deczmarek2

    Shut the fuck up pathetic fanboys. This episode was shit. But I like new opening.

  • Yağmur

    my shit is better than this shit. WHY GOD WHY?

  • King Phisher

    Ok. I was expecting the Naruto – Hinata relationship they have in the future. Not…. this.

    • jony

      that’s in the movie naruto the las

      • jony


  • asdfjkl;

    why not mirai??? T T

  • ImDoneLooking

    did…did i just wait a week for a filler episode!!!!!

  • Numan Ahmad

    New OP/END But episodes is boring

  • NHSS17

    Mmmh.. Nothing special happen between Naruto and Hinata… :/
    He just bring her home that’s all…

    • Denny Malcolm

      That’s how they met. Moron.. -.-

      • Alejandro Montero Villal

        Hahahahha they just met ,

      • NHSS17


  • Michelle

    When the new OP/END is the best part of this whole episode lol

  • Tony Valentino

    One thing about these flashback episodes is that most of them could never have really happened if you think about it. Naruto always thought Hinata was weird and barely spoke to her. Plus the fourth Hokage’s been bringing him money every month or so and he’s asking who he is? Plot holes galore filler hell.

  • Monomiky ?

    this was really what i didn’t expect really sad i waited this long for barley any talking between the 2 i wanna see the future the tf

  • Fandude

    When are they going to start airing naruto hiden?

    • Alejandro Montero Villal

      Sometime in december

  • Josue Diaz

    Yassssss need more episodes

    Is this is the ending of Naruto Shippuden or gonna keep going on

  • The best

    Ok Naruto just jumped off the head like he wasn’t going to die did he not realize he could’ve died?!

  • inspector

    so if I get that right , the third hokage was a reincarnation of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki ?

  • Criss Ace

    okey the mean’s i will stop waiting for new eps

  • A$AP Deidara

    So next episode is how Sasuke and Sakura met? So it’s gonna be their childhood up until they met when they were little

  • Lil Zaretsky

    Naruto: “Im me!” *jumps off large cliff* ummmmmm…. sooooooo how did he survive that lol

    • The New Kid

      Exactly lmao

    • Terrance

      but he gets hurt from falling out of a tree XD

      • Ajay Decleus


  • Henry Okoro

    song at the very end (when they were introducing the next episode)?

  • Wu Shen

    Its pain when anime creators dont no when to end. Only part I like on this episode was when 3rd met with Naruto. Other parts was already known from anime in past.

  • That nigga

    waited a week to see more flashbacks gotta love naruto and are we gonna ignore the fact naruto just commited suicide by jumping off that cliff onto the village???!?!

    • Other nigga

      Lol yeah i was just thinkging the same thing…

  • David Mcmanus

    I believe how they have it gonna do it like dragon ball super put the movie in eps then just continue with boruto which i think wouod be amazing

  • athik

    Its not that much but I like the first meeting of naru hina in this episode and I’m excited about the next episode

  • Dashen Govender

    Maybe he never knew the third* Hokage until that age because of clan laws etc. and if you think about it logically; he probably jumped of the cliff because he learn’t how to use chakra over long distance to slow down the speed of falling, either that or the third saw him taking a nose dive and decided to catch him. XD

  • Green

    Why do people in the background have dots for eyes….its creepy. Also 3:33 in the background a guy is smiling freakishly while Iruka slirps the noodles, and the animation doesn’t help with that making it look ew. Also don’t like the opening. Should’ve just kept the previous one for the remainder of the series.

    • Kooli V

      So then stop watching natuto problem solved

  • melly

    I have a question so is boruto going to have its own serise and if so when and where can i watch it

  • Ayoub Oran

    ok let’s assume i’m sane… what the hell is the waiting for !!!