Naruto Shippuden Episode 481 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 481 : “Title”


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  • NarutoFan

    6 days, 23 h and 24 min :DDD

  • vam mulaan

    2 hrs. left

  • Tranquility

    My diks been hard all week for this!

  • Dominika Michalowska

    where can I watch the episode?

  • Kevin Andrean

    thanks bro..

  • buu

  • Fredrik Westberg

    this was so trash, im so disappointed

  • Surquellt

    Yeahhyah 7th person to comment

  • Shipper

    I knew it! Shikamaru X Gaara Confirmed!

    • Kota

      I was so confused, i thought these where just pairing/shipping episodes. XD

    • emy

      I don’t think Shikamaru and Garra are a couple beacuse in Boruto Naruto the movie its seems that Shikamaru and Temari end up together, though I find that weird beacuse if that is correct then why did they put those two together when all the episodes seem to be of the future Naruto couples in the past?

  • leo lampard

    The hell with these fillers

  • DBLeon

    These recent fillers don’t seem like a Naruto episode.

  • Andreea Roxana Macarie

    This is even worse than the last episode.

  • sagar sindhu

    Why are u repeating the things again and again sasuke story was told several a time

  • gowtham

    worst episode

  • Elizabeth

    Was that supposed to be Sakura and Sasuke’s ‘we’re gonna be married and have a kid’ moment? They spoke for like 10 seconds! I don’t ship them at all so that doesn’t the fact that they didn’t interact didn’t bug me that much. It was just a bad episode in my opinion…

  • Guru

    what the fuck was that? probably the worst filler in naruto

  • Flo

    Fillers are rarely good, but man this one is on another level of boring. Seems like I’ll skip thr next few episodes. I’m beyond sick and tired of seeing them as kids. There is already billions of fillers and flashbacks of them as kids. It’s called Naruto Shippuden, not Naruto.

  • asd sdf

    Well…that was a waste of time. When the Sakura part appeared I was like…maybe something interesting will happen. Ohh boy was I wrong…

  • Broken Nightmare

    Not even gonna watch it because I know its gonna be sakura bitching. FUCKING HATE SAKURA

  • Hannah

    Wtf was this shit? I’m a sasusaku fan.. But this was horrid. Worse than the naruhina episode.. We don’t need to see stupid filler episodes of them as children when so many filler episodes before already showed flashbacks. Then some of these seem contradictive to previous flasbacks. Also the animation looks horrible and half-hearted… We could have done with seeing the relationships truly form after the war. Not these sorry excuses for episodes.

  • ezreal

    The BEST EPISODE so far i love sasuke and sakura im soo happy for them PLZ make more of these fillers

    • peid mrele

      FUCK YOU

  • Meach

    Worst episode ive ever seen. Naruto will be over soon and yet they give us a filler with disgusting quality. They werent even trying the least bit. Absolutley garbage!

  • Tai Penny

    Thanks to everyone that did watch this and left comments, now I know for sure I’m not watching this shit XD

  • Buggy The Clown

    IT’s living off nostalgia. The only reason why I continue to watch and get into this lol. It’s my childhood.

  • Sagegonz


  • Vitamin Dee

    all you that think this episode was pointless you’re stupid these episodes show the direct relationship between the characters

    • peid mrele

      hey fuck you

  • Lil Zaretsky

    What the heck happened at the end.. ?

  • Anas Shayk

    28 mints left oohh OMG!