Naruto Shippuden Episode 489 Subbed

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 489 : “Title”


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  • Lord theta

    Can’t wait for next
    Wanna see naruto marry

    • Mr.Cyka

      watch the last….

  • IwannaFly

    Guys.. seriously what are we waiting for? Did naruto come to an end? they start to make up new enemies for every new episode, it is just like cheap children cartoons

    • koneko

      your fvcking gay get outta here

      • IwannaFly

        Yeah I am a gay, what is wrong with that? Sexist dumbass

        • naruto nay

          hey, i love gay, and i love naruto. wtf both of you

        • Barin Bamgbose

          Dont make him sexist….makes him homophobic

          • IwannaFly

            homophobics are already sexists, look at definition before bullshitting
            relating to or characterized by prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination on the basis of sex.

        • Barin Bamgbose

          U dumbass

    • ADI

      If Naruto is just a cheap children cartoon for you … then why bothering others because of your jibber-jabberings?huh?

      • IwannaFly

        If you don’t agree with me, you can simply ignore my comment, I am sharing my feelings, what is wrong with that

    • wallur

      they are doing this bc the story ended, these are bonus videos to watch.. they are pretty interesting imo if u look at it in a philosophical standpoint. these ppl dont know how to have an actual conversation xD bunch of degens

  • Glenn

    Iunno wtf happened…….
    All of a sudden I need to disable Ad Blocker, when I never had to til today (including last week on Thursday night) and when I do the format isn’t supported??? wtf??

    • Beeda2004

      download tampermonky addon into browser and activate anti-adblock killer its working fine in 95% of things

      • Glenn

        I appreciate the advice but I shouldn’t have to download a specific ad blocker to solve the problem. Besides if it doesn’t work with no adblocker turned on, then downloading a new one won’t solve the problem. They’ve changed something on the site and that has led to my problem, it’s not on my end – every other site I’ve ever used still works perfectly.

        • Beeda2004

          kk np, i just want to help, i am using this addon on multiple pages where is fuck-adblock scripts